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Above and Beyond

Last year, a woman named Debra contacted me about helping out with the art group. Debra is a busy mother of 2 with a gift of cooking and a passion for helping people. She offered to start cooking once a month for the art group, as we provide dinner for the youth every Thursday night.

Before she started cooking, Debra asked me what types of food the youth like. I told her that unlike many people, the youth in the art group LOVE fruits and vegetables. In fact, many youth tell me that art group is the only time they eat fruits and veggies because they cant afford it. I suggested that Debra keep the meals simple, like a big pot of soup or chili (after all, there are usually 20 hungry youth to feed!

What I didn’t realize about Debra is that she is an ‘above and beyond’ type of person.

Each month, she prepares a delicious and healthy meal for the youth. She always makes sure that it is packed full of vegetables and fruits. She also makes sure there is a yummy dessert for them to enjoy.

Check out the meal she made for us last night!

Grilled chicken, pasta salad, garden salad, watermelon, grapes and brownies!

meal photo

The youth are always blown away by the food. They find it hard to believe that a woman they have never even met puts so much love and effort into a meal for them.

We are so incredibly blessed to have Debra, and others, who serve our ministry behind the scenes in such a loving and selfless way.

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