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Daily Prayers

On the first of every month, OIM sends out a “Prayer Calendar” to anyone who wishes to include a prayer for our street friends. Each day of the month contains a specific prayer request for a particular individual. These requests are mainly collected by our Street Outreach volunteers who go out nightly to connect with and provide basic food and toiletries to those struggling with homeless and abject poverty in our downtown core. With the teams now typically connecting with 80 or more street friends a night, it is not difficult to amass enough requests to more than cover every day of the month.

The October calendar will be released at the end of this week. Sadly, many of the requests speak to the same need – a place to live. Clearly our friends are becoming increasingly concerned about survival over the winter. A sampling:

October 2 Please pray for…

Rick, who ran away because of an abusive home he is traumatized by. Pray that God provides him a safe home where he feels welcome.

October 3 Please pray for...

Betty, who is 60+ and has asked us for prayer for housing. Pray that God provides her housing.

October 5 Please pray for…

Reema, who is a homeless a teenager and needs urgent help with a safe place to stay. Pray that God provides.

October 6 Please pray for…

Carmen, who lost her job and is now unable to pay for rent and food. Pray that God provides her a job that will give her the money needed to live.

This coming month and going forward for the next several, corporately we will be lifting up our own prayers. While we are not equipped to assist with housing or shelter, we are praying that with the help of all of those who support OIM, as the weather quickly turns, we will be able to provide hope and respect, warm clothing and sufficient food to everyone in need who we serve.

If you have an interest in subscribing to the Calendar, do not hesitate to contact us and in the meantime, thank you so much for your support in whatever form. Your caring and generosity make a difference!

~Margo, Managing Director

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