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heARTfelt Thursday: All in the Detail

Acrylic - White Tree on Black

This piece is called “Topsy-Turvy”, and has a very unique quality to it. Try imagine that you are looking at it upside down, or even try and move your head to the side and see it for yourself. Once the piece has been flipped and viewed upside down the imagine of the bare branches becomes a robust tree! Cara loves very detailed work, and uses a variety of small brushes to produce pieces such as the one above. One of the best gifts Cara received was a pair of magnifying glasses someone donated to P4Y so that she could really focus in on the delicate work she loves. Cara also paints a lot of darker pieces, she mixes her darker colours with reds and pinks but always seem to let these delicate rays of white shine brightly in her work. It is hard to look at Cara’s work and not imagine the interesting story behind it all.

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