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heARTfelt Thursdays: relearning creativity

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Muhammed Ali

Below is a ink on paper art piece done by one of our Passion 4 Youth art group participants and along with it his incredible story of rediscovering his creativity.

Eric has always been a talented artist, since he was a child people would comment on his obvious artistic skills. But, after years of drug abuse, Eric began to lose his creativity. He would sit down at art group with the other participants unable to imagine and create the way he used to. He would stare at his paper and begin to get upset because the creative juices were not flowing. Then, in May 2012, Eric was in a serious accident. He was in a coma for several days and for awhile no one was sure if he would survive. When he came out of the coma, he had severe brain damage. Eric was unable to speak or move, but as time progressed so did Eric. Slowly he began to speak again and regain movement. As soon as Eric was able to move his hands he began drawing again. This piece was the first drawing Eric did after his accident.

Eric is not the same as he was before the accident and continues to struggle with his recovery. What happened to him is very sad, there is no question of that. We are so thankful he is alive, and even more thankful that though he has been given a very hard lot he has proceeded to flourish in it. Eric has had the opportunity to reclaim things he has lost through drug-abuse. Being able to access our gifts gives us life, and being able to use them to create is when we really begin to reflect the image of God. Our creator gave us his two greatest gifts: to love and to create. But when we see someone unable to do either of these things we see someone who is hurting. However, we are part of a redemptive story and God is fully intending to reconcile his creation and reteaching us to both love and create. Eric had a small glimpse of this, and he is changed because of it.

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