It happened at the drop in: a Miracle??

Greg Payne is our volunteer chiropractor at the drop in.  He told me a story about an encounter he had with one of our guests, and I asked him to document it. Here is his story.  (Name changed, naturally).

Jenny (mid forties) came to the drop-in for her chiropractic adjustment. She complained about a bloated feeling that her Crohns was making a rather symptomatic episode. The day before someone had given her a free lunch at Tim Hortons, but she could not hold it down.  She further said she was suffering from intense bleeding and was afraid to leave her house.  She had to wear disposable diapers.  Her GI MD <gastro intestinal doctor> did an X-ray and told her she had a small bowl obstruction and the bowl had shifted out of place. They admitted her and “stuck tubes in her nose and everywhere” Jenny reported. 

 I prayed for her, and told her she would do well with her adjustment and that she would be healing.

 Two weeks later she returned for another chiropractic adjustment and told me that the day after her adjustment she felt only a little better. But, on the second day following the adjustm