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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another year is coming to an end and here at OIM we have gotten to know many more Street Friends.

This year we relaunched our Winter Clothing Ministry and it has seen a huge increase from last year. Last year we saw fewer than 15 people a week. This year we have not seen less than 50 people a week. And the most amazing thing has happened. While the need has increased significantly, individual, and corporate donors have stepped up and we have been able to help properly cloth almost everyone that has come through the door.

We have continued to see our share of appreciative people as well. One of our friends today left in tears. Tears of Joy. Joy because of the new winter jacket and boots he received. Our goal is to not only provide warm clothing but also a safe place to come and get a warm cup of hot chocolate and a snack and, most importantly, some companionship. We simply could not do this without our all the fantastic volunteers who give their time to come into OIM every Thursday and help our friends do their "shopping".

So in closing, I would like to thank everyone who makes this ministry a success - the dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Because they step up, OIM is able to deliver the experience that we strive for.

Thank you everyone!

~Brian Griffin, Volunteer Coordinator

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