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New Home for Innercity Arts

You may remember that back in January, Innercity Arts had to leave our much loved art space. The room that had been our home for 3 years had to undergo a major renovation, so we packed up all of our art supplies in search of a new space.

We kept the program going by packing supplies into 4 Rubbermaid containers and running the program at various locations, such as the Ottawa School of Art, Centre 454 and St. Albans Anglican Church. We are so grateful for these partners who opened their doors for us. As always, the youth in the program showed their resilience and flexibility. They continued to attend the program at various locations and never complained.

We were so excited to tell the youth (after 8 months!) that we had found a new home for the art program at 391 Gladstone. Not only that, we were thrilled to show them a beautiful building where they can do all the art they have been missing – spray painting, carving, sewing, and all the messy art we have not been able to do in our temporary spaces. We also have space for a music room, where our musicians can jam and record music together!

It has been incredible to be in this space and already it feels like home. We are so excited to see what the coming years hold of the art program.

We invite you to come see the space at our open house – drop-in on October 16th from 6pm-8pm at 391 Gladstone Ave.

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