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Practicing t-shirt art

The kids are gearing up for a big art project in May using t-shirts. We got a bunch of ‘practice’ t-shirts in from Value Village for them to experiment with. They had lots of fun trying different techniques using spray paint, acrylic paints, bleach, stencils, etc.  We are in need of donated art supplies for this project. New T-shirts, spray paint, stencils, acrylic paints, paint markers. This project will be to raise money for the P4Y program at an upcoming event. We will be pinning 30 t-shirts together on a large board, and the kids will be creating a collaborate painting on the t-shirts as a whole. The t-shirts will then be auctioned off one-by-one as individual pieces of art.  We are so excited by this project. We look forward to revealing the finished product.

t-shirt collage

Dana Cote, Youth Outreach Worker

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