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Thanksgiving Drop In Style

Just after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Wednesday drop in.  Friend after friend came up to me and spoke with me very candidly about how much they appreciated what we were doing at the drop in.

Billy Bob told me that last week, he was given six eggs!  What a blessing for him!  He said he budgeted the eggs on a daily basis and they lasted all week.  He couldn’t believe that we would give out fresh eggs.  While he was speaking I was thinking about his complimenting us when, about two and a half months ago, we were able to include a pound of ground beef with the food hampers.  He recounted to me on several occasions since then, on how he had measured the amounts very carefully, and had fresh hamburger for the entire week.  THEN, Billy Bob reminded me of the same thing I was thinking – and again, how very much he appreciated this.

Jeremy walked by, stopped, turned around and told me how much he appreciated all we did at the drop in: the friendly volunteers, the hot meal, haircuts… everything was so great.  He lowered his voice and quietly said, “This is one of my favourite places.”

Susan came up to me directly and thanked me profusely for having so many fresh vegetables to hand out: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and peppers (donated by a local produce store and distributed to our guys the next day).  She said this was the only place to come and get some fresh vegetables – which she could not afford on her limited budget.

I went upstairs and sat and talked to Brent while he got his feet washed (we do this regularly: soak, massage, rub with lotion and ‘clean sock’ those guests who enjoy this service) and visited.  I noticed the volunteer massage his feet and also the shin and calf, up to the knee.  “What’s this new service?” I queried.  Brent quickly explained this extra service was such a blessing, since he was diabetic and had poor circulation in his legs.  The caregiver smiled and said, “I do this for Brent each time he comes.”

While she was giving this explanation, Peg came up to me, dressed in loose fitting sweat pants and sweater.  “LOOK! LOOK at my back.  SEE? See? My spine is straight” she exclaimed.  I looked as hard as I could, but I really could not see anything.  “See?” she asked as she directed my attention to the lower part of her back with her hand, “See?  It’s straight!  Just after two treatments with Dr. Payne!”

“Oh, so you have been to visit our chiropractor?” I asked.  “You are feeling much better, are you?”

“Oh yes!  ALL my pain is gone and my back is straight now.  Can you see it?  It’s straight,” again directing my vision with a sweep of her hand up and down her lower back.

Our friends/guests who come to receive our services are so very thankful and grateful for these seemingly small bits and pieces of service that we are able to provide.

It’s such a small thing for us, but such a great gift to them!

At Thanksgiving and throughout the year, we are thankful TOGETHER for the many gifts we are able to receive and enjoy!

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