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The great equalizer

Today I took a walk to the cemetery in my hometown to visit my father’s grave for the first time since his passing. Cemeteries are wonderful places for reflection on life and  our purpose here on Earth. Unlike the day of the funeral which was, perhaps appropriately, bitterly cold and cloudy, today was warm, bright and sunny. My mood likewise had warmed and brightened with the healing passage of time.

Cemeteries are a field of memories of lives gone by and a sober reminder of our earthly mortality. From the most celebrated to the most obscure, lifetimes are encapsulated in a few brief words and a couple of dates.

Within those few words and dates lie a sea of emotions. We have no control over our birthdate and usually very little control over our date of departure on this earth. We do however have control over everything in between. What an incredible opportunity!

Cemeteries are great equalizers. To be sure some headstones are more ornate than others but underneath all lies still. From the titans of business and celebrities to the poorest, all must surrender to God’s judgement of our time on Earth. Let us live our lives  to make our Heavenly Father proud!


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