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Who is my neighbour?

In Luke's gospel someone asked Jesus to define the word 'neighbour'. Jesus responded by telling a story.

The story goes that two men were walking down a road and came upon a man who had been mistreated and abandoned. He was obviously hungry, thirsty and injured. The two men turned away and hurried on their way. Along came a third man who demonstrated compassion by immediately tending to the man's most pressing needs. Then he took the man to a place where he could heal in safety. And he didn't stop there! He left instructions: forward the bill to him for any costs incurred while the wounded man recovered.

Recently OIM received an email stating: “I had a chat with a homeless guy named John who I found sleeping in Westboro. I told him to drop in to OIM and you could try to set him up with what he needs and I would cover it. If John comes in, let me know and I will send a donation for whatever you give him.”

I am struck by the similarities of these two stories and am resolved anew to be a neighbour to those in need around me.

~Sarah, Volunteer Coordinator

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