Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone knows that their life has to have a purpose though sadly not a lot of people come to realise that life purpose. To know what we are here for, to know what we were born to do, is something that consumes some people. People go to clairvoyants to find out this answer. A prophet can help you with this question also, but it is best for you to seek God direct and ask Him what is the reason you are here and what you should be doing with your life.

Living life without direction and purpose is half a life. There is so much joy in knowing that I was born to be a writer and a prophet and then doing both of the callings each week in my life. I can tell you that there is a lot of personal satisfaction getting up each day and participating in my calling and purpose. Finding your purpose might not be as hard as you may think. Many times our purpose is closely aligned with our gifts. What are you good at? What do you like to do or what would you like to be doing with your life if you were given a chance to do it? This is often what you were born to do and sometimes you just have to pray and try and make moves so that a door is opened for you to be able to do it. Many places let people volunteer these days, perhaps you c