3 days. 3 expressions.

p4y craft show 2014

All different expressions of art, but powerful in their own way. There is no doubt in my mind that art has the power to impact others. It amazes me what the P4Y group can do with what looks like craft ‘odds & ends.’ They can turn such simple materials into something beautiful. It has hit me several times throughout the last few months how their art pieces can be such a reflection of their lives. That everything can be salvaged, from the ‘odds and ends’ to the broken supplies – it can all be turned into something wonderful.

As someone who is not musically inclined or gifted artistically, I notice my appreciation for the arts growing. I have seen the hope it can inspire with our street youth, the opportunities God has given a friend to bless others through her music and a young woman who has been inspired through the arts so much she is pursuing it as a career. The arts have the ability to encourage, tell stories, empower and teach. I look forward to see how the arts continue to impact our P4Y groups but also how our groups are going to impact the arts in this community.


Youth Outreach Worker

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