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A Homeless Vet’s Journey: Hear Kurk In His Own Words, Part 1

Our Christmas Story this year took us on a journey with Kurk, a homeless Vet, who lost everything. We walked alongside him as he tried to get back on his feet after losing everything in a fire in 2013. Together we got to see what it’s really like to navigate our social services system: feeling his pain, experiencing his disappointment, and discovering the strength and stamina he found to stay the course.

Click the play button below and listen to Kurk’s final thoughts after coming through on the other side of his journey:

Hear the rest of Kurk’s message –> A Homeless Vet’s Journey – episode 9

Please consider giving a special Christmas Gift to help us continue to reach out, help and support people just like Kurk. Click on the Link Below to Donate:


#Homelessness #socialjustice #Dignity #helpthepoor #BreakingtheCycleofPoverty

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