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A Stranger’s Prayer

A few weeks ago, two of our volunteers were doing street outreach.

They came across Liz, a woman who we often see on outreach. Liz is normally a happy person, but tonight she was distraught.

She was sitting alone on a bench. She was crying and shaking.

She said that things are getting worse for her. She said that she knows that God loves her, but she feels forgotten by him.

The outreach workers tried to comfort her.

They asked if she wanted them to pray with her.

She said yes.

They knelt beside the bench and they began to pray aloud for Liz.

A woman who was walking by saw what was happening.

She stopped, knelt beside the bench, put her hand on the woman’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

She didn’t say anything, until she joined the outreach workers by saying “Amen”.

Then she stood up, smiled at Liz, and walked away.

What a blessing this stranger’s prayer was to both Liz and our outreach workers.

–          Moira

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