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A Treatise on the Term “Pro-Life”

Many individuals in the church like to say that they are “Pro-Life”, which is an interesting phrase to use. The term “Pro-Life”, to me, means so much more than protecting the right of a foetus.

“Pro-life” means ensuring all children are well-fed, protected and educated.

“Pro-life” means ensuring the most vulnerable in society are adequately protected;

“Pro-life” means ensuring adequate housing for all (people experiencing homelessness have a life expectancy up to 40 years less than the housed);

“Pro-life” means renouncing the violence that permeates our culture;

“Pro-life” means promoting social justice and opposing capital punishment everywhere;

“Pro-life” means loving all your neighbours, the rich and poor, Canadians and foreigners;

“Pro-life” means promoting a society where all human life has greater value than consumer products;

“Pro-life” promoting a society that reduces the incidences of unwanted pregnancies (Two major factors strongly associated with increased unwanted pregnancies include lack of access to contraception and sex-education);

“Pro-life” means valuing both the life of the foetus and the mother;

And, finally…,

“Pro-life” means believing all human life is God given, precious and equal.

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