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Advent Stories: Love

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This time of year, Christians around the world will be celebrating advent, a time of expectant waiting for Christmas. Come with us as we journey through advent together, listening to stories from those in our programs as they explore Hope, Faith, Love and Peace.


We met Larissa 3 years ago. She’d gone through a lot in her short life, including spending much of her teen years on the streets. Yet, she has a spark in her that just won’t go out – despite all she has been though. We asked her about the word LOVE and what it means to her:

“When I was on the street, I would go to a lot of services and programs – but I didn’t really feel love there. I know they were trying to help….but it just felt like a service….not love.

When I came to Innercity Arts, I felt loved right away. I could tell that everyone loved each other and were connected.

I think that every new person who comes to the art group can see that we love each other – that we are a community. But they may feel like they don’t belong there. Sometimes, they may even act out or cause a problem because they don’t feel like they belong. But then we get over the problem and they learn that they are accepted anyways. And then they are part of the community.

I think that love doesn’t have a shape, or colour, or name, or form…it’s comes from people. Like the wonderful people at OIM who work together and do good things. They show love to us, and then we carry that love wherever we go.

That’s what I think of when I think of Love.”

Larissa remains a faithful member of Innercity Arts and the Spirit of the Streets Choir. Last year, she took the Urban Intervention Training so she is now a weekly OIM volunteer!

Listen to Larissa Story:

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