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Danielle’s Story: Episode 6 – Innercity Arts

“Danielle’s Story” is a series running throughout December.

To listen to the audio backgrounder from Family Radio CHRI, click the play button below. Follow along all month to hear this amazing story!

I was trying to get into transitional housing, and they said two things: first, I had to volunteer, and second, they told me about this art group. I got hold of Jason (OIM youth outreach worker) and we met for coffee.

I didn’t know he was the one I would speak to, he was the one who I met on the bridge that day some time ago.  So Jason invited me to his art group.

When we got to the art program, I was the only one there.  I read him my stories, and he offered me encouragement.  I was in this giant classroom in this really big church.

Others started coming, and although I felt like so different from them – different values, beliefs and all that. They were more involved in the streets than I was.  Some were sleeping outside, some were doing drugs, some involved in prostitution.

I mostly kept to myself, but the art group was a really good place for me to be.

Cindy, a volunteer, came and taught me about painting. She was a painter. It was hard for me to accept feedback, but I learned a lot.

Money from my art helped my pay my rent and buy food.

Once they had a surprise birthday party for me. It was the first time I ever had a surprise birthday party. I felt a bit awkward around the other kids, but I felt welcome and safe. It was a good place.

I remember we had a big art action and everyone wanted to talk to me. One youth was happy to have earned $20, and I had almost $1,500. I used it for rent, and for college.

Stay tuned to Family Radio CHRI as two episodes unfold each week following the 8 o’clock morning and 5 o’clock evening news. As you prepare for Christmas with your family remember there are kids who are all alone.

Why not let them know that they are NOT alone?

Please give consideration with your family to adding just one more person to your Christmas list and sponsoring one of the youth in our program for only $30 /month?

Click “Donate Now” and make a lasting difference in the life of someone who just never had a chance before, just like Danielle.

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