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Exercise in Gratitude

Last week we had local artist, Kate Durie, facilitate a workshop at our Passion 4 Youth Thursday night program (ages 16-24) on the subject of gratitude.  She started by defining gratitude and getting the youth into a mindset of gratitude. She shared her personal story of tragedy and how she rebuilt her life through gratitude. We then all participated in creating cards. She guided us through some interesting artistic effects and the youth all jumped on board. The youth really love to learn new techniques and be engaged but some just love the freedom to create whatever their hearts desire. Either way it all worked out as they really responded to Kate and all made beautiful cards. I was so happy to see everyone engaged. Sometimes in a big group, it’s hard to capture the youths’ attention and I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone happily creating.  Afterwards a lot of kids handed their cards to other youth they were grateful for. It was a very uplifting and soothing workshop and we hope to have Kate back  soon.


Youth Outreach Worker

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