God sees hearts as we see faces.

We recognize that those we encounter each week share their stories with us for different reasons. For some they need an advocate, for others they need someone to just simply listen. Others share because there is a level of trust that exists, but also for some they share because they know we serve a God who is bigger than their circumstances. We recognize that the situations we hear of and deal with are not ours to hold on to, but to be passed on to a God who can bear the weight of them.

We listen, provide resources and pray for those who are willing to share with us. And we count that as a privilege. We serve a God who doesn’t see situations with levels of severity. He isn’t diminishing someone’s situation because someone else has a larger one. He is able to look beyond their exterior, their past and their present circumstance. He sees their heart. He sees His child. He sees someone who was created in His image. And throughout the busyness of our days we need to remind ourselves of that.

– Sarah

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