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heARTfelt Thursdays: remembering Kaylin

On December 21, 2012, Kaylin, a long time member of the art group, passed away suddenly. The art group was devastated to lose a member of its family. Kaylin was a strong leader, a creative artist, an advocate for change and a supportive friend. The past several months have been difficult as the art group adjusts to this loss.

Last week, Kaylin’s mother attended art group and gave each participant and staff a personal item that had belonged to Kaylin. Accompanying each item was a personal letter that described the significance of the item. I was given this small figurine, with the following message:

Kaylin - Sculpture - Published

“Kaylin loved this figurine from the moment she saw it and had to buy it. She said she liked how the figures were all connected and that each one needed its fellow to stay upright. It reminds me of the support that you at OIM give every day. You don’t leave anyone standing alone. Thank you for being there for Kaylin and helping to guide her onto a happier, healthier path in life.” -Kaylin’s Mom

This figurine now has a permanent home on my desk. When I look at it, I will be reminded of Kaylin’s beautiful spirit, and the kind words of encouragement from a grieving mother.

Written by OIM staff member Moira

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