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Jesus to us…

One day after volunteering at the OIM office’s stop-in, I met one of our street friends who so loves the Lord.  As I crossed the street to give him a big smile and greeting by name, he returns to me the most wonderful blessing.  He passes me a small piece of paper with a beautiful little poem on it.  As I began to read the words, he recites it along with me, from memory:

Thinking of You

This morning when I wakened,

And saw the sun above….

I softly said good morning Lord,

Bless everyone I love…

Right away I thought of you,

And said a loving prayer…

That he would bless you specially,

And keep you free from care…

I wished you all the happiness,

A day could hold in store…

I wished it all for you because,

No one deserves it more…

I know God heard my prayer for you,

He hears them all you know…

Just to let you know,

I’m thinking of you….

Often we think we are Jesus to them when they are in fact, Jesus to us.  Hope this blesses you as much as it did me as he said to pass it on….and I have.


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