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Learning Something New

We are all creatures of habit. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we don’t like change. Change means that we have to stretch out of our comfort zone and change our way of thinking and open ourselves to the unexpected.

OIM is proud to be a part of our intern program by bringing on 2 interns this fall. Both of our interns are intelligent, quick learners, and have such huge smiles. However, neither of them has had any prior office experience prior to entering OIM’s Internship Program.

Is that a problem? Never! I must say that I am very impressed with the attitude and excitement they bring each week to the office. They are so eager to learn! Over the next several weeks each intern will be performing tasks that they’ve never done before, yet they tackle each assigned task like they’ve done it a million times! I am so excited to work with each one and watch them grow.

Such exciting times ahead.

~Elizabeth, Office Administrator

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