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Lessons in an Ice Storm

A week ago today (Wednesday April 5th), Ottawa and other cities were hit by an ice storm – the most damaging freezing rain storm since 1998.

Today I started the yard cleanup and had time to reflect on the minor inconveniences associated with having no power for a couple of days. I kept an eye on our sump pump level so our basement wouldn’t flood. I drove my freezer food over to my daughter’s house to prevent it from spoiling. I pulled the camping stove out to be able to cook meals. And I had to wear extra clothes around the house to keep warm because the furnace was not running.

For some people the storm caused significant problems, such as a basement flood, and I don’t want to make light of major damage. But why did I call my problems “minor inconveniences”?

When you interact with the people OIM serves you will understand why I chose the words I did.

Most people on the streets will never have an opportunity to own a home or to live in a place to stay out of the cold and have a bed to sleep in. Some won’t have enough food to last a day let alone a freezer full of food to last weeks. Some will only have the clothes on their backs to keep warm.

Yes – I admit that an ice storm is a big deal. But let’s try and appreciate the things we have as we remember those who have less. And may we be motivated to share our possessions, money, and time with others.

~Warren, Events Co-ordinator

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