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Littlest donors

We could not help our street friends without the generous support of Christians in the community. Many, many churches support OIM by lifting us up in prayer, sending volunteers our way, and donating supplies.

One of these churches is Redeemer Alliance in Orleans.

Last week another street outreach volunteer, Rosemary, and I had the opportunity to go to RAC’s Vacation Bible Camp and do a short presentation for the kids there about OIM. We asked them to write notes to our street friends and bring in granola bars, juice, and water.

Our presentation included some role playing where I acted as a street friend and Rosemary was a street outreach volunteer. We showed them what a typical conversation would be like and how we would care for them.

Not only did we share what we do, but we also shared why we do it. As it turned out, our mission and their VBC theme are perfectly aligned. Here’s a segment of the script we used with these little donors.

“Now we’d like to tell you why we do this. Sometimes it is very hot on the street and sometimes it is very cold. Sometimes it is very hard to pull the heavy wagon. But Mrs. Rosemary and I do this because we love Jesus and we know that Jesus loves these people we see on the street. Your memory verse for today is John 7:38 Whoever believes in me…rivers of living water will flow from within them. Mrs. Rosemary and I both believe in Jesus and the rivers of living water, the Holy Spirit, are flowing out of us when we love these people on the street.”

The body of Christ is made up of many different parts. We are all serving together for His glory. We are so thankful for the part that the kids at Redeemer have played in His service.

~ Sarah, Resource Co-ordinator

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