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Looking Back, Looking Forward

So far my four months on staff at OIM has been a great life experience. With the support of a great staff and the guidance of Moira Davis (Youth Outreach Worker), my transition from volunteer to paid staff has been a smooth one. The staff at OIM has been warm and inviting to me and their confidence in me is very reassuring. I’ve also been able to transition well with the youth, since I already established relationships with most of them through 6 years of volunteering. I also knew a lot of the new youth coming into the program through my work as assistant director of ministries at Haven youth shelter. This job is really a dream job for me. I’ve always wanted the chance to work full time on mentoring at-risk youth and this job not only allows me that privilege but harnesses my artistic abilities as well;  two things that I have the most passion for. I am excited to be a part of this program right now as we see it flourish and grow. I am excited to see all the new development and can’t wait to let y’all know as well. We intend to grow this program to touch more lives while remaining accessible and volunteer based. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us grow!


Youth Outreach Worker

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