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Mavis’ Story – My Christmas Wish (Episode 9 of 9)

Following is Mavis’ story (not her real name), one of courage and determination in the face of overwhelming obstacles and challenges.

You can hear Mavis tell her story on Family Radio CHRI 99.1 FM, each week day just after station identification at 8 am and 5 pm.

Parts of her story are messy, and always real, as is the wonderful lady who will find a special place in your heart.

I’m Ken MacLaren. Here, in Mavis’ final episode, is her Christmas wish:

The one thing that would be on my Christmas Wish List would be that all youth would have food to eat. When you’re on the street as a youth, it is a struggle to find food.

Sometimes I see other people go through the garbage to get food and it is heartbreaking to see.

Once I was panhandling and I had not eaten for three days. I was sitting on my corner and a random person came up, went into this store, and ended up spending $75 dollars on me – lots of food and even some cleaning supplies.

I was offered a drive home because the bag was just too heavy to carry. A bag of food about the size of a large garbage bag! I never got the name of that person. It was around Christmas time, and it was the best Christmas present I received, just because someone cared enough to help.

Thanks for hearing Mavis’ story. From our homes to each of yours:

“Merry Christmas and Gods best to you in 2022!”

Thanks so much for your prayers and support that allow us to continue to reach out to young people just like Mavis.

~Ken – Executive Director

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