Office stop in…crazy…but kinda like home

I really love office stop in!  It’s crazy at times, often loud, hard to get work done for sure, but there is so much laughter and smiles and good natured joking among the guys.  Newspapers get read, crosswords get filled in, often with everyone helping to find a word!  Paper and pens get handed around when some of our more creative want to draw or write poetry and occasionally one of our friends will pop in with some new finished art work that they wish to show around.  I have some of that around my desk that has been given as gifts!  Sometimes a friend may curl up on the big comfy office chair and nod off for a mid morning nap.

It’s safe here in the office and the guys know it!  We have some basic rules to follow but nothing too taxing.  We ask for respect of one another, disagreements that become heated are to be taken out side, discussions on the glories of drugs is not for the office nor is cussing.