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Out with autumn…in with winter!

I love autumn!  I think it might just be my most favorite time of the year.  I love looking at the trees as their leaves become more and more gorgeous.  Bright yellow and red, beautiful burnt orange, falling slowly to the ground for us to walk through, pile high in splendid colorful mounds, hide our little children in or jump into, crunching the pile into small bits and pieces.  Walking through the forest is rejuvenating and I find myself worshipping the Father for His splendid creation!

But as beautiful as this time of year is, I am reminded upon exiting my warm bed in the morning, stepping onto the cold tile of my bathroom floor and eventually, climbing into my van that is covered in frost, winter is coming.  Yes, winter is coming and along with it, cold, cold weather.  And I wonder about my friends from OIM.  How do they view autumn?  Is it a time of beauty for them or is it a time of dread, knowing that winter is on the way and the cold weather?

I have begun the hunt for my son’s winter jackets, my family’s gloves, boots and hats and warm socks.    Soon I will begin the hunt for the same items for my “family” on the street, praying that they too will be warm and cared for.


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