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Praise God for a bountiful harvest & generous hearts!

Since our inception, seeking justice and caring for those in need, both physically and spiritually has been a primary focus in order to strengthen, empower and encourage.  We draw from a community of believers who have a heart for the poor and needy in our community.  One way we can demonstrate this is by providing warm, tasty and nutritious meals to our groups and friends on the street.

Late summer and early autumn are a wonderful time of harvest, sharing and thanksgiving.  This month, we at OIM were the happy recipients of a bushel of patty pan squash.  This delightful summer squash quickly became a staple ingredient for many servings of sweet breads, warm delicious soups and a coconut curry squash served over rice.  These dishes were served to our Youth Groups, the Innercity Veterans Outreach & Support Group as well as our Tuesday/Thursday Door Outreach.

We celebrate all the different ways that God and our faithful partners continue to supply and provide as we seek to made a difference in the lives of those struggling around us.

~Sue, Donor Care Administrator

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