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Prayer for a friend..

Another quick story for you about our friend Ron.  Remember I told you about how much he loves to talk?  Well, he was at our office stop in a week or so ago, chatting with our volunteer Barb.  I’m usually pretty busy at my desk doing paper work and answering phones so a lot of the time, I don’t always tune in to what is being said but there was something about this conversation that made me stop to listen.  Ron was asking Barb questions about her family, specifically about her husband, Randy.  Ron wanted to know if Randy was a church attendee.   Barb explained that when their kids were young, they all went to church as a family but once her sons became adults and moved away, Randy began going to church less and less.  She explained that he still had a strong faith in the Lord but Sunday mornings had become more of a time to play golf or get caught up on emails or just relax and read the paper.  Ron commented that that was too bad as he was sure that Barb would prefer that Randy go to church with her, which Barb concurred that that would indeed be nice.  And then the conversation turned to other things.

As noon approached I made the announcement that it was time to finish up the last sips of coffee as we needed to close down.  The guys in the office said their goodbyes and headed for the door, all but Ron.  Ron put his hand gently down onto Barb’s shoulder and said, “Can I pray for you and Randy?”  As they both bowed their heads, Ron prayed that the Lord would whisper to Randy’s heart, drawing him close to the Father who loves him and bring him back through the doors of the church on Sunday with his wife.

Ron, you are a such a blessing to us!


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