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Prayer Warriors

On the first of every month, we circulate a Prayer Calendar to our subscribers. The Calendar typically invites prayers for God's intervention on each day of the month for a different person (aliases are used for privacy reasons). Specific prayer requests usually come in from our Street Teams during their nightly walks when they meet up with our Friends with their filled carts.

Conversations, viewed as more important than the sandwich and other stuff provided, many times include an ask for prayer and sometimes even an ask for the Team to thank God on their behalf because earlier prayers have been answered and good things are happening.

The requests, acted on at the time by the Team members, are also included in the logs completed by the Teams on their return from the walks. Ellen, our Administrator, then takes them and with loving attention, compiles them and prepares them for inclusion in the calendar at month's end.

In the month, there may be many similar requests, i.e. for safety, shelter, freedom from addictions, healing from inflicted injuries or illness, a job, or reconciliation with family or other loved ones. However, because each one of our Friends' stories is unique to him or her, requests are not bundled.

We have no way of knowing how many of our subscribers intentionally include the Calendar in their devotions but do know for sure there are some from the messages of encouragement and appreciation the office receives. As well, there are the occasional calls from people who, moved by a certain prayer request, ask for more information about the Friend with the hope of being able to provide their own direct help.

Mostly, though, we know for sure there are many because of the miracles witnessed that defy explanation.

On behalf of all our Street Friends who cannot reach out themselves, thank you, thank you to all our prayer warriors. By those prayers, our Friends can know they are valued.

~Margo, Managing Director

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