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Pre Christmas Carols

Christmas songs on the radio just start too early. Way, way too early. Surely you will agree.

This past week in my car the radio played the very first Christmas carol I have heard this year. “Oh no. Whatttt?? Really? Mid November? Seriously??”

With that attitude I listened to a carol about the wise men, you know the one:

They looked up and saw a star

Shining in the East beyond them far

And to the earth it gave great light

And so it continued both day and night,

then the refrain…

Born is the King of Israel

In that moment everything changed. My heart melted:

They looked up – I need to look up. Beyond present circumstances, feelings, trials and troubles, beyond myself and my limitations – I need to look up.

They saw a star – Something beyond myself. God is at work. He has a plan… which is..

Born the King of Israel – the Reason for Hope: He is steadfast, faithful, sure, consistent, all powerful, all knowing, all seeing, all present, all encompassing, and the list of adjectives and descriptive is endless

You fill in the rest.

I love early Christmas carols now – especially when a clear message comes through the darkness to bring light to my soul.

Listen carefully, there might be a special message in it for you.

Merry Christmas!

~Ken, Executive Director

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