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Sasha’s Story: Episode Seven, Hope for the Future

Sasha’s Story is an 8 part series running until December 24. To listen to the audio backgrounder from CHRI radio, click   Episode #7 Hope for The Future

[To Ottawa Innercity Ministries]

Just keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t change your patterns, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Connecting with people, giving a sandwich, making a friend – that’s the important thing.

Ottawa Ministries is like a safety blanket – and it’s a safety blanket that I don’t want to leave.

[As for me…]

I’d like to go to the States sometime, just to say I was there.

Just to say I have been out of Canada.

 I have been to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Grand Prairie, but never the States. 

That’s where I’d like to go. Boston maybe.

I’d also like to go on a boat ride, a cruise maybe.  No booze, no drugs or anything like that.  They’d be playing old music, and maybe there’s a bunch of Christian people there and everybody’s having fun.

 That’s what I’d like to do.

In our Final Episode:  Sasha shares her Christmas Wish for others.  Christmas Eve at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm we will have the concluding episode of Sasha’s Story.   Her story has been a special gift to us all!

Merry Christmas!

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