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Seeing New Things

I was blessed to be able to go on a 3-week vacation to Europe with my wife recently. Having been a part of the OIM Street Outreach teams over the last few years I realized that as I was sightseeing in various cities I was now also noticing the homeless on the streets.

The setting may change from downtown Ottawa to downtown Naples or London but the homeless still exist in a doorway or on the sidewalk.

I wondered if these famous cities had an organization like OIM to help those less fortunate within their city.

The other thing that was evident from our travels was how much Jesus and the Bible stories played a role in the various pieces of art, be it a painting or sculpture. It’s hard to believe that Jesus was such a big part of the culture hundreds of years ago and now how far our culture has moved away from Jesus and His word.

For OIM and myself it’s following Jesus and his teachings that motivates us to look after the poor of the world. I pray that OIM will continue to keep Jesus relevant as we strive to look after the homeless in our city.

~Warren, Events Co-Ordinator

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