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The Arts Auction is Coming! MAY 5-7

Winter is a difficult time for many of the street-engaged young people that come out to the Innercity Arts program on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. A lot of them have experienced loss or trauma and the winter always proves to be extra challenging because of struggles with mental health. With the coming of the warmer weather and Spring just around the corner, health is improving and and there is a sense of hope in the air.

At Innercity Arts we are preparing for our annual Art Auction. Excitement is growing. Our youth have been working hard to create art pieces for display and sale. The auction provides those participating with an opportunity to grow their sense of dignity and self-worth and hone their skills. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that someone else wants something you’ve created. On another level, the auction helps meet the basic needs of the artists wrestling with poverty. In previous years the event has proven to be an immense encouragement, and we hope this year will be no different.

Joy in engagement has not been restricted only to the artists. Many successful bidders have shared the enjoyment they get from their one-of-a-kind piece(s) that now hangs in a place of prominence in their home or workplace. They talk about the pleasure they got from being supportive of a young artist's dream of being appreciated and some, from the excitement of the bidding itself.

You can learn more about the auction on our website or in some of our mailings. The auction will be live online May 5th, 6th, and 7th until 10:00 pm. Registration will be required. We are looking forward to previewing the pieces in coming weeks; these fantastic creations will compliment that very perfect space awaiting them.

Thank you for the support that you have shown Ottawa Innercity Ministries and the young people in the Innercity Arts program. Please continue to keep them in your prayers! Have a blessed day!

~Jordan, Youth Program Coordinator

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