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The Dog Days of Summer do not see the needs of our street friend go away!

Well summer is quickly coming to an end. I have a sad milestone to report...This past week we have exceeded 70 people coming to OIM both days during our Tuesday and Thursdays Door Outreach. We served 30 people those days last summer; began seeing on average 60 people each day six months ago and now we are topping 70. About 2 months ago we had to cut back to providing only emergency provisions(groceries, sandwich lunches, socks, toiletries, sleeping bags and blankets) due to the increased numbers of people coming to our door. Sacrificed was basic clothing like sweaters, jackets, shoes - we just could not keep up!! At this time of year, even as our numbers grow, our ability to serve doesn't. Summertime is when many of us, including our volunteers and donors, plan vacations, making it an especially tricky time of year to balance all the different needs. We really appreciate everything our supporters have done for us this past year. The contributions of food via Meal Train pledges and the donations of sandwiches for our our Outreach activities are so very welcome. On September 26th we will be starting our Monday nights Urban intervention Training. This course prepares anyone interested in helping our city's most vulnerable with the knowledge and tools to do so safely and confidently. We do not have all the answers, but we do swing well above our weight when it comes to helping our street friends improve their sense of self worth and ability to focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. We invite you to consider whether volunteering is something you think you might like to take on, and if so, give me a call. This could be the start of a new journey of understanding and compassion so the next time you meet a person who is homeless you will understand how you can make his/her day just a little bit easier just by coming alongside for a few moments. God Bless and Thank you for thinking of OIM. We do really appreciate your support!!

Meal Train Links:

Summer BBQ (Tuesday, August 30):

Youth (Innercity Arts):

~Brian – Volunteer Coordinator

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