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‘They threw God out of McDonald’s!”

Timmy is one of my favourite people to run into. He is an older man who has been on the streets for a long time. He refers to himself as “one of the last of the old-timers”, but some of our younger street friends simply refer to him as “Dad.” I love running into Timmy because he has such a positive attitude. He stays outside all year round, but even when he is pushing his packed grocery cart through the snow, he never complains. He laughs as he says “God is beside me, pushing the cart with me. It makes it a bit lighter!”

He’s always sharing his faith with everyone. Saying “God’s in me, and He’s in you too!”

Last week, Timmy had collected enough coins to buy himself an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. However, after he purchased his meal, he was informed that he had to eat it outside. Apparently everyone is welcome to spend money at McDonalds, but if you look homeless, you are not welcome to eat it inside.

I felt sick when I heard about this blatant discrimination. But was Timmy discouraged? No way. He laughed and shook his head saying “They don’t know it, but they threw God out. Because He’s in me! They threw God out of McDonalds!”

–       Moira

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