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Tiffany Smith Portraits

It’s been so busy around OIM lately, especially with the P4Y program. That’s why it has taken this long to acknowledge this woman. I want you all to meet Tiffany. Tiffany is a kind, creative, loving and fun woman who is also an exceptional photographer. I planned on having our youth photographed. I wanted lifestyle portraits that wouldn’t focus on deficits, but rather on strengths. I wanted to exhibit their originality, creativity, strengths and beauty. Then Tiffany came along. Tiffany Smith runs her own photography businesses. You can find her at:, or  Tiffany took her time with each youth and really captured their essences… and she did it all for free! We at Ottawa Innercity Ministries are so grateful to her for her time, her energy, and her graciousness. Here are a few samples of her amazing work.



– By Dana, Youth Outreach Worker

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