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Veteran's Appreciation

I spent some time with one of our Veterans this week. He offered me this gift of appreciation. Here, as he spoke and I recorded:

Maybe I can’t articulate it in just a few minutes, but this IVOS program is where some of the gaps in Veteran services is filled.

People like us (Veterans) with PTSD just give up because they cannot find a way to bridge the gap to the services so desperately needed: a sense of camaraderie, acceptance, and a place to provide comfort to people in our situations.

This place gives a feeling that you fit in, that you belong- you don’t have to give your service record or rank – you just fit in and enjoy time together in a very positive way.

For one and a half hours a week, we get that feeling.

If you sit here and you watch this (IVOS program) you can almost feel the stress lifting. Coming here, for no cost, is a Godsend. To come here for a nice lunch… the value of this is not lost.

After four and a half years of street living, it is great that this has come my way!

Brent and others enjoy the camaraderie, support, and help that Innercity Veterans Outreach & Support gives. Thanks for your support of IVOS!

~Ken – Executive Director

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