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OIM: Homeless No More ... we've started!

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

This afternoon, I was all packed up and standing by my desk to be sure that all things were ready for my two weeks away on vacation. It all looked good.

My landline rang and it sounded like an internal communication.

Beth told me that Francesca was on the line and she wanted to speak with me.


Francesca, she is a donor.


She has been a supporter for a long time.

Sure, I'll talk to her.

Line one.

So I took the call and met Francesca. She has been supporting us for many years and about one year ago she signed up for the Prayer Calendar

She had been noticing my letters and updates about the process of looking for a new building and possibly purchasing 391 Gladstone.

The last three prayer calendar letters have influenced her, her friend had passed and left her $20,000 which the Lord has directed her to give to OIM for the down payment of the purchase of 391.

I gave her a brief update, and then she told me that the Lord has been speaking to her about giving the money to our building fund; the whole $20,000.

Three times she received the prayer letter and three times the Lord spoke to her about how to steward this gift.

She loves what we do at OIM, has been supporting us for many years, she believes God is at work among us, as we serve those in need.

Praise God!

My brothers and sisters... it has begun!

~Ken, Executive Director

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