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A Street Thanksgiving

Summer has passed and as Fall moves towards Winter, we are finding there are ever more people on the streets this year. Downtown has just not come back the way that we had hoped. There are few Government workers in the towers and many of the street-facing stores and restaurants have either closed or are operating at reduced levels. A consequence has been that many people in the service industry have been idled and some of them, too, are now looking for assistance. This snowball effect has meant that as of September 30 our Street Teams and our Door outreach Teams have seen more people than we saw all of last year.

To help our street engaged friends, OIM has its special meals a couple of weeks after the official event, so on November 1 we will be having our Thanksgiving meal from 1 to 3 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church at 120 Lisgar Street. We expect to feed approximately 225 meals. This is a great time for us not only to provide a nutritious dinner but also to take the time to go out on the sidewalk and mingle with our old friends as well as with some new people.

If you would like to help us out by donating food items to the event visit:

If you would like to come and participate with us in preparing the meal, you can email us at:

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