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Art from the Heart

Last week, the OIM InnerCity Arts group completed our very first online art auction. Each artist created items to be bid on and to be hopefully purchased - be it a painting, carving, drawing, jewelry or acrylic pour. They put a little bit of themselves into each piece; giving of their time, talents and imagination to generate their creation. Furthermore, many of the young artists wrote about their pieces and shared a short bio. Some of the writeups spoke of their difficult circumstances and struggles. A couple of them wrote about how their mistakes could be made into something beautiful. These artists shared much more than their art; they shared their hearts.

When I dropped off three paintings to the person who won them, she shared with me how she was moved to tears while reading the bios and art descriptions. She talked about how real these young artists were and how vulnerable they had become as they put themselves out there for all to see. Vulnerable because there’s always a risk of rejection. “What if no one wants my piece?”; “How does my piece compare to other artists’ pieces?”; “What will people think about the flaws and imperfections?”; “What will people think when they read my description and bio?”. However, to the person who bought these three pieces of art, and others who purchased items from the auction, these items were masterpieces reflecting the precious hearts of those who had created them. The imperfections and “mistakes” made them all the more real and treasurable.

I am reminded how our Heavenly Father knows each one of our stories, imperfections and all, and yet sees each one of us as having great value. I am reminded of the great cost that Jesus paid for each one of us, so that we could abide with Him now and forever. I am also reminded of the priceless value of each human life, regardless of age, status, race or gender; and so grateful that I am able to work alongside these amazing young artists, who are themselves masterpieces creating masterpieces.

To see the artwork created for the auction, click here!

~Kevin, Youth Internship Coordinator

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