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Change of Season - Change of Attitude

Well, the first day of spring happened this past week!! The spirits of our volunteers and our street friends have all taken a decidedly bright turn with the warmer weather and bright sunshine.

As winter recedes and summer approaches the world is looking like a brighter place for all, but I ask you to please keep our most vulnerable top of mind. It is easy to overlook those in need when all seems bright. A donation is always appreciated but a donation of your time is something no one can duplicate.

There may be someone in your own life today who is in need. It may not be someone with a material need, but someone who could use a little extra care, time, and attention. It might be a soft smile to a street friend or a friendly conversation with a parent, sibling, friend or acquaintance that can have a positive impact. Taking the time to stop, smile and ask how someone is doing and truly listening can make all the difference.

You probably can't ‘fix’ the problem, but just listening, being with them in the moment, and showing them that you really care by sharing your time with them may be the most valuable thing you can do. After all, your time cannot be replaced. And, hopefully, they will pass on this same gesture of kindness to someone else. The longest journey starts with one step. It all starts with a single act of kindness.

Who will you bless with your act of kindness today?

~Brian, Volunteer Coordinator

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