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Generous Supporters

Every December our church, Trinity Bible Church of Ottawa (TBCO) raises funds for various ministries that serve the homeless, one of which is OIM. These funds are then used to buy clothes and other supplies to be handed out to those in need on the streets. In years past we bought sleeping bags and I remember our first Christmas Eve service at TBCO when they placed sleeping bags under everyone’s chairs. Later in the service we were asked to pull out the sleeping bags so that we could pray over them as before being handed out on the streets of Ottawa. I’m not sure what else happened in that Christmas Eve service but this moment of dedication is something that our family has always remembered.

The person who looks after this ministry for our church is named Bruce. He goes through a bidding process with the federal government to purchase extreme weather items such as parkas, gloves, winter pants and socks. In early spring he goes to Giant Tiger and buys winter clothing that is on clearance – things like gloves, toques, neck warmers, thermal socks and long underwear.

Churches and leaders like Bruce, who have a heart to help the homeless, keep OIM well stocked. OIM can then distribute much-needed supplies, especially as the colder winter months loom.

~Warren, Promotions & Events Coordinator

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