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Getting Plugged In

When loading up my car to officially move to Canada to be with my husband, I was filled with excitement for all that was about to come and all that God had in store for us.

This was a miracle right here in itself. Growing up, I always told myself and others that I would never leave my home state of Pennsylvania. I was comfortable in my small little home town where everyone knows everybody, but I learned to trust God and learned of His faithfulness.

It wasn’t till my husband and I officially moved into our home and he began going back to work every day that loneliness started to creep in. My husband and his family were the only people I knew. I craved community and prayed for God to help me find that.

It wasn’t long until God had answered my prayer and the Executive Director of Ottawa Innercity Ministries, Ken MacLaren, reached out to my husband’s family and I and invited us to see the building and learn more about OIM.

As soon as I walked into the building, I fell in love with the place. I was eager to get plugged in and started volunteering at Door Outreach every Tuesday and Thursday. I wanted to be there as much as I could. I began developing so many friendships with staff members, volunteers, and our friends living on the streets. I finally had a place that I felt like I belonged and everyone here became like family to me.

If you feel like you are being led to serve here, do it! We were never created to do life alone, and here at Ottawa Innercity Ministries I feel very confident that you will find community here.

~Marissa – Youth Program Assistant/Donations Coordinator

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