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He comes for the conversation…

Ron was at the office stop in this morning, enjoying lots of coffee and some wonderful donated treats of cake and cookies.  There was laughter and good natured teasing and lots of chatting.  That’s really why he comes he tells me…for the chatting, for someone to talk to him and laugh with him.  He loves to talk about God and life and struggles and silly things too.  He just loves to be social with others.

He tells me it’s hard for him to talk to others sometimes.  Either he meets up with street friends who are battling addictions and not terribly coherent or battling mental health issues and not always able to sustain a conversation.  He gets lonely sometimes because he can’t find someone to talk to…just sit and talk.

He tells me this great story of something that happened the other day.  Seems he was having a coffee at a local shop, wishing there was someone to share some thoughts with when “out of the blue” a young woman sat down next to him and engaged him in conversation.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Gave thanks to God even!  Tells me that God meets his every need, even finding someone for him to talk to when he needs to.

Yup, God is good Ron.


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