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“I just needed to do something normal”

No one had heard from her in over a month. She had disappeared…back on the streets, dealing and using drugs. The same old pattern: back in ‘survival mode’, doing whatever she needed to do to survive.

Everyone at the art group was worried about her.

So when she walked into art group last week, I was relieved. I told her how great it was to see her. She said “It’s good to be here. I just needed to do something normal.”

Everyone greeted her with smiles and hugs. It was a homecoming.

Art group is really more like a family. No matter how long someone has been away, they always know that art group is every Thursday night at the church. It is constant, safe, and comforting. They will always be welcomed with open arms, no matter how long they have been away.

–       Moira

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