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Innercity Music

Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a musical family and always felt a deep connection to music. I learned to play guitar and other instruments at a young age and music became an escape when I felt stressed and anxious. It was a way to express my deepest feelings. Feelings of sadness, love, anger, and worship. It is through music that I first felt the presence of God in an almost tangible way. I believe that God has given us music; the ability to create, replicate, and relate to it.

When I first started at Ottawa Innercity Ministries, I was excited to learn that the Arts program included music as well. I saw that a few of the youth shared a similar passion for music as myself and have began giving a couple of them short lessons during Art group. However, the state of the current music room was less than inspiring. Some of the equipment was unplayable and beyond repair. We made do with what we had. But recently we received some exciting news!

MusiCounts has given us a grant to upgrade our music department! This past week I was able to pick up all the new items from Long & McQuade including, electronic drums, guitars, amps, and a keyboard. We have already had several of our young people using it. Some are just learning or want to learn; some have been playing for years. I am excited to see this music program continue to grow so that these young people can experience the many benefits music has to offer.

We covet your prayers for the Innercity Arts and music program, that it would thrive, helping many young people discover new skills and passions; and that God’s love would be deeply felt through this ministry. Also, thank you so much to MusiCounts for helping our music program take a next step.

God bless,

~Jordan – Youth Program Coordinator

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