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Kids on the Street

Sometimes people talk to me about how they came to be on the streets, and there are as many reasons as there are people.  Whether young or old, all the circumstances surrounding a life are different.

Kids on the street, for example, might find themselves there for many reasons.  A seasoned leader of a youth street outreach agency told me this:  on average 1/3 of the kids come from broken and disfunctional homes; another 1/3 come from regular homes; and about 1/3 come from homes where the kids have everything they need.  But on the street there is a very level playing ground. 

Pimps, drug dealers, con artists, pedophiles and other exploiters really do not care where the kids come from!  They are quick to befriend, deceive, and use for their own purposes.

We are there on the streets.  We meet the kids where they are and offer support, help and friendship.  Sometimes it’s a small beginning, but it’s something to build on.  We look for the strengths that the kids have, but maybe do not even recognize themselves.  It is one of the hardest things we have done, and at the same time, brings a satisfaction and a sense of thankfulness when we see the kids make positive life choices.

Thanks for your support!

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